About Me

Hello World! I am the Tiny T-Rex Mama! You know all those memes about the T-Rex having arms too short to do anything?  For me at 5’2”, I can completely relate to that poor dinosaur!  Anything on the second shelf of the kitchen cabinets requires a step ladder and I have been known to get stuck upside down in the washing machine trying to reach that ONE.LAST.SOCK.


I am a mother to one beautiful little girl, The Muffin, and two noisy guinea pigs, Smores and Oreo. The Muffin and I live, work and play in the Pacific Northwest and I am writing this blog to share with you some of the things we have discovered along our way.

Sara and the animals.jpg

Here you’ll find reasonably priced and kid friendly places to eat, awesome places to play and explore, and great deals, shops and products for children of all ages – because we are all on a budget! I’m also sharing some of the parenting tips and tricks I have learned since becoming a mom.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for dropping by!

**Housekeeping Items** I am not a paid sponsor or advertiser of any of the products/locations/promotions that I blog about unless expressly stated. If you are interested in sponsoring a blog post, please contact me at kboylon@gmail.com! I would love to get the word out about good products and places for PNW parents!


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